Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Daughter and I

My youngest daughter, Emily (12) and I have started stitching Postcard Cuties for Winter together.  I am using the fabrics Anne Sutton used in her original quilt and Emily has picked her own which are gorgeous.  Mine are on the left and Emily's are on the right.  What do you think?

We are working on our first blocks, which I will post when they are done.


  1. wow this looks great...........can't wait to see the blocks come together

  2. Hey Lori, is there a stitch-along list that you are not on? LOL I think it is wonderful that you are doing this with your daughter too! What is the name of your jelly role for this one? Happy Stitching!

  3. Ha ha - nope I love them all. Mine is Peace on Earth and Emily's is Makin' New Friends. Yep it is so much fun to be able to do this with Emily. Happy Stitching to you too!