Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SSCS Finally Arrived

Yay when I got home today, look what I found in the mail!  My SSCS ornament and gift had arrived!  A beautiful snowman ornament made by Tracee and had arrived all the way from Perth, Western Australia!  I love the ornament so much!  What a nice package.  I love the kitty on the card!  I can't wait til Christmas to open the other gift, though I guess I will have to make myself!

and here is the ornament proudly displayed on my tree!

Thank you so much Tracee!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi Lori, oh I am so relieved. I have been stalking your blog & harrassing Chooky as that parcel took about a month to deliver. Yah, the post got through & in time for Christmas. I'm glad you like the little snowman, he's a bit shy but will love being in Canada. It's no fun being a snowman in Perth at Christmas! Merry Christmas. Tracee xx

  2. Merry Christmas Tracee! Yes I do love the snowman a lot! He will love being in Canada! Thanks again for your kindness!