Friday, August 10, 2012

Raspberry Rabbits, In My Garden, Merry Merry Snowmen

 Here is block 7 of the Harrington and Hannah BOM

 Block 1 of In My Garden - my first attempt at needle turn and I am loving it!

and 2 more blocks of Merry Merry Snowmen

Busy, Busy, Busy.  Between working full time, 2 busy daughters,  I have no idea how I got all of this done LOL - no sleep!


  1. Lovely blocks, you have done a wonderful job!

  2. Lori, you have been busy but then you are always busy. I cant keep up with you! I love your snowman! We need a day together so you can help me with that tricky applique! Seriously, my snowmen are melting!!! LOL Big hugs, Holly

  3. Two of my favorite patterns... annie Down's and Bunny Hill's ones! I love them!!!!