Thursday, April 26, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas, Raspberry Rabbits, Some Kind of Wonderful

I have been busy doing lots of sewing and stitching, but just so slow at posting.  Here is my Merry Merry Snowmen Blocks 1 and 2 - block 2 isn't embroidered yet.

I am almost finished the embroidery on block 2 and will post a picture soon, together with Block 3 - such a beautiful quilt!

Here is January, February and March of Raspberry Rabbits.  I am loving this and am working on the April block.

and Some Kind of Wonderful

April blocks
A tree to sit under and think
 three rows together!

oh and an update on our ginger tabby rescue cat, Lacey.  she is doing amazing, so awesome and lovable - take a look at this with my chocolate lab, Molly and tabby, Rory. Our vet said she is doing great and now weighs 8.9 - in fact she she said Lacey is getting porky LOL. No one else is allowed to sleep in the bed!

Rory and Lacey love each other!

 and they also love my lightbox!
Lacey has truly found her forever home with Rory and Molly and the rest of us!

Happy Stitching everyone!



  1. Lovely progress on all projects. I had better get moving on Block 3 of Merry Merry Xmas. Your new family member certainly has settled in :o)

  2. I love that Merry Merry Christmas, it is so pretty in that fabric. Hannah & Harrington are gorgeous & yu SKOW project is gorgeous. I just can't seem to keep up to date on these. So happy to see the pics of little Lacey, Rory & Molly. How wonderful is that, just what you hope for when a new furbaby comes along. Rory is so cute washing Lacey. Fantastic! Tracee xx

  3. Your projects are beautiful and I love the photos of your animals, so lovely seeing happy cats together!

  4. Lori, you never cease to amaze me! Your MMS looks awsome, I hope mine looks just like yours! Thank you for all the little tips along the way. Your Raspberry Rabbits look so amazing too! You have inspired me to pull that one out an get started on it. And of course your SKoW is coming along so nicely too. Cant wait to see you on Friday! :)