Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sock knitting

These socks are so pretty. I love the way the colours are working up. Lots of time to knit and stitch right now!

Broken Ankle, Not much sewing

Unfortunately, I have fractured my ankle and am in a cast for another 3 weeks!  Not much sewing going on here.  I am lucky that I have finished August of my Nature's Journey quilt.  I did manage to sew on one border yesterday with my left foot!  I can't drive either so have been very housebound.  I am lucky to have my Mom here helping me and I am not that steady on crutches.  My good friend, Holly, gave me a walker to use which really helps me scoot around the kitchen.  I cannot manage stairs very well though!  Lots of hand stitching and knitting of socks going on so that's a good thing!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Stitch-A-Long 2015

Wow I can't believe I have not posted in 2 years! a lot has happened since then.  I lost my job which was very hard, but am on the way to getting back on my feet hopefully into a job that I love.  I am so excited to start this new Stitch-A-Long.  I completed the ones for A Gardner's Journal, Tis the Season and SKoW.  They are so much fun and stitching has helped me through a lot of hard times.  So excited to begin this new stitching journey!