Thursday, January 12, 2012

December Blocks - All - the Whole Row- Some Kind of Wonderful Stitch-A-Long

I did it!  I finished the first row of Some Kind of Wonderful!  This quilt is so much fun to make.  I divided up the row into a few pictures here, but I did get one full picture at the bottom

 I had to put Canada as one stop on my suitcase as I live here and love it.  I really would love to visit the other places on my suitcase as well!

 My kitty, Rory, loves to be in pictures and lay on quilts!

Here is the full row held up by my daughter, Emily.  Emily has started her own blog as she is quilting as much as I am and I am so proud of her.  Emily is at The Forget-Me-Not Garden
Please drop by her blog and take a peek at her beautiful quilts!


  1. beautiful colours...look forward to seeing more of this project!

  2. Your blocks are looking lovely, you have chosen beautiful fabrics.

  3. Loving how this quilt is coming together...but it's really hard to photograph the long strips :)

  4. i'm catching up but your blocks are looking great.........hope your going well with January blocks.........