Friday, January 27, 2012

Journey of a Quilter, A Kitten's Tale, Life is Beautiful

Here is my first block of Journey of a Quilter - there are 4 of us quilting friends making this quilt together.  Next time we get together all should have their first blocks done and I will post them here.

I have also been working on A Kitten's Tale - here are the first three blocks together and block 4 is in the works.  I took separate pictures as they show up better that way.

I ordered the patterns for the two above from Valerie at Pastimes Online

and finally Life is Beautiful - also through Valerie at Pastimes Online.

There will be sashing between the blocks and I still have lots of them to stitch.  Boy I need more time lol!

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  1. All your quilting projects look amazing! Beautiful stitching and fabrics.